March 01, 2012

David Vitter is Passionate About Contraceptives

By CREW Staff

David VitterThis morning the Senate debated the Blunt Amendment which, entirely unrelated to the transportation bill it was tacked on to, seeks to allow employers to restrict coverage of contraception in the case of conscientious objections. As perhaps the most well-known patron of prostitutes serving in Congress today, it’s not surprising Sen. David Vitter volunteered to provide “expert” testimony. You’d think that a man who pocketed his used condoms would expound on the virtues of accessible contraceptives. Instead, Senator Vitter was one of the most passionate supporters of the amendment. His hypocrisy is no surprise to CREW.

Time and time again, Sen. Vitter has represented himself as a paragon of moral values. Today he claimed that protecting employers against “government intrusion” is a fundamental issue of conscience. But as a representative of the government, Sen. Vitter was quick to use his Senate position to assist his staffer, Brent Furer, who served as his advisor on women’s issues despite pleading guilty to a vicious assault on his girlfriend in 2008. The senator had his attorneys contact local newspapers to minimize press surrounding Furer’s assault, and worse yet, permitted the use of taxpayer funds to fly Furer to Louisiana for court appearances related to other criminal charges.

When Senator Vitter preaches about the importance of keeping the government out of people’s private lives, perhaps he really means keeping the police from arresting him for solicitation of prostitution.

Although the Senate voted to table the Blunt Amendment, surely this isn’t the last time the issue will be debated. The married senator, who avails himself of birth control when having sex with prostitutes, would be best advised to keep an aspirin between his lips when the debate turns to issues of public morality.





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