February 09, 2011

One More Step Mr. Chairman…

By crewstaff

When Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform sent letters to more than 150 corporations asking what regulations they would like to see curtailed or voided to spur more job growth we – like you – wanted to know exactly how corporate America was weighing in. We anxiously awaited the Committee’s publication of the responses, but there was nothing from Chairman Issa except a promise to make public a summary of the results at some future date.

So, we took matters into our own hands. First, we contacted directly nearly all of the corporations to see if they would willingly share their responses with the public. Unfortunately, only a small percentage complied, and to date we have published 40. Once we made responses public, Chairman Issa finally chimed in, releasing nearly 2,000 pages of responses from corporations, trade groups and research organization.

The catch? The huge document dump was a mouthful to digest and unfortunately was not searchable. So we did that job ourselves. And once again, after we acted Chairman Issa acted as well; today the Oversight Committee website contains (.pdf) has all of the responses received to date in a searchable form. Feel free to continue mining on our searchable format here.

One more noteworthy issue: at least two of the replies – from the Industrial Minerals Association – North American and a coalition of housing and construction groups – are still not part of the PDF posted on the Chairman’s website. Fortunately CREW happened to retain those letters, which you can see here as well. Also not included were letters from Duke Energy and the Edison Electric Institute.

So, one more step Mr. Chairman, and we’re golden.

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