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November 06, 2014

CREW Analysis: The Role of Money in the 2014 Elections

By CREW Staff

Money in PoliticsOn Tuesday, Republicans took control of the Senate, expanded their majority in the House, racked up more governorships, and flipped several state legislatures. This wave was fueled in part by public dissatisfaction with President Obama as well fundamental factors favoring Republicans, such as the number of Senate seats Democrats were defending. But, of course, money was a major factor.

This election marked the continued post-Citizens United transformation of American politics as outside spending played a substantial role for both Democrats and Republicans. Outside groups, some of which do not disclose their donors, outspent candidates and parties in many competitive Senate races, investing in both get-out-the-vote efforts and attack ads. These players are now a major and permanent part of our elections.

Read CREW’s analysis of the role of money in the 2014 elections here.

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