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February 09, 2015

FEC Dismisses Complaint Against CREW

By CREW Staff

FECLate last week, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced it had dismissed a complaint filed against CREW by Jonathon Moseley, a former attorney for Christine O’Donnell during her 2010 Senate race.  The frivolous complaint is one of several Mr. Moseley has filed in retaliation for complaints CREW filed against Ms. O’Donnell alleging she violated federal law by converting more than $20,000 in campaign funds to her personal use, using the money to pay for her rent and utility bills in a townhouse where lived and out of which her campaign operated.  The FEC found probable cause to believe Ms. O’Donnell violated the law, and sued her last month.

Mr. Moseley’s complaint claimed CREW’s public statements about the complaints it filed against her were independent expenditures expressly advocating Ms. O’Donnell’s defeat in the election and therefore should have been reported to the FEC, and that CREW was a political committee.  In December, the FEC unanimously voted to dismiss the entire complaint.  CREW agrees this frivolous complaint properly was dismissed, and we strongly take issue with any suggestion that any of CREW’s statements or activities constituted an independent expenditure.  For a fuller explanation, see CREW’s response to Mr. Moseley’s complaint here.

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