May 25, 2010

Former Detroit Mayor sentenced to prison for parole violations, including perjury

By CREW Staff

The former Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, is back in the news today. And, he's going back to jail. Kilpatrick resigned when he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice charges back in September of 2008. He was supposed to make restitution to the City of Detroit, but didn't. The judge showed no mercy today:

Earlier today, a frustrated Detroit judge ordered Kilpatrick to serve 18 months to five years in prison, declaring that Kilpatrick had lied while on probation and maliciously hid money that was supposed to go toward repaying the City of Detroit $1 million in restitution.

“Your testimony in this court amounted to perjury,” Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner said, alluding to the ex-mayor’s explanations for how hundreds of thousands of dollars passed through his family’s bank accounts without being accounted for, or applied to, Kilpatrick’s restitution obligations.

The judge appeared to give no weight to Kilpatrick’s lengthy and emotional court oration, in which he apologized for his lies in the text-message scandal, but said he is a different and better person today.

As Kilpatrick spoke, the judge mostly looked at papers on his desk.

"Probation is no longer an option," Groner said when Kilpatrick had finished. "That ship has sailed."



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