June 18, 2010

Obama admin. to agencies: Don’t appoint or re-appoint federal lobbyists to advisory boards or commis

By CREW Staff

Announced today via the White House blog:

We are proud to announce today the next step in the President’s efforts to reduce the influence of special interests on the federal government. Today, the President signed a memorandum directing agencies in the Executive Branch not to appoint or re-appoint currently-registered federal lobbyists to advisory boards or commissions. This directive formalizes an aspiration we first announced last September and that agencies have implemented successfully on a trial basis ever since.

For too long, lobbyists have wielded disproportionate influence in Washington. It’s one thing for lobbyists to represent their clients’ interests in petitions to the government, but it’s quite another, and not appropriate, for lobbyists to hold privileged positions could enable them to advocate for their clients from within the government. It was for this reason that the President took steps on his first day in office to close the revolving door through which lobbyists rotated between private industry and full-time executive branch positions. Today’s step goes further by barring lobbyist appointments to part-time agency advisory positions.


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