March 26, 2008

CREW Urges Presidential Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns

Washington, D.C. – In light of Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) release of his tax returns this week, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) urges the remaining presidential candidates, Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and John McCain (R-AZ), to release their returns as well. When running for president, candidates must be willing to put all their cards on the table. We encourage Sens. Clinton and McCain to do so now.

Below, CREW has compiled a list of presidential and vice presidential candidates who have released their returns since 1992.

*Note: This list does not include incumbent presidents and vice presidents, who typically release their tax returns during each year of their administration.

Released: Not Released:
Chris Dodd (D) Hillary Clinton (D)
Barack Obama (D) (2000-2006) John Edwards (D)
  Rudy Giuliani (R)
  John McCain (R)
  Mitt Romney (R)
Wesley Clark (D) (since 1999)  
Howard Dean (D) (since 1998)  
John Edwards (D) (since 1994)  
Richard Gephardt (D) (since 1997)  
John Kerry (D) (since 1999)  
Dennis Kucinich (D)  
Joseph Lieberman (D)  
George Bush (R) (since 1994)  
Al Gore (D) (since 1991)  
Dick Cheney (R) (only first two pages of returns from 1990)  
Joseph Lieberman (D) (since 1990)  
Bill Bradley (D)  
Released: Not Released:
Robert Dole (R) (since 1966) Steve Forbes (R)
Lamar Alexander (R) (since 1978) Patrick Buchanan (R)
Jack Kemp (R) (since 1986) Richard Lugar (R)
Phil Gramm (R)  
Released: Not Released:
Bill Clinton (D) (since 1980) Ross Perot (I)
  Jerry Brown (D)

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a non-profit legal watchdog group dedicated to holding public officials accountable for their actions. For more information, please visit or contact Jordan Libowitz at 202.408.5565 or

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