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CREW Calls on Obama Administration to Coordinate on FOIA Exemption 2 Matters

Give DOJ Inspector General Authority Over Attorneys

CREW Urges White House to Require Federal Agencies to Post Correspondence

CREW Files FOIA Requests with Eight Agencies for Documents about their Lobbying of Congress


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CREW Issues Major Report on Special Interest Fundraising by Freshman Congressmen

Dietary Supplement Industry Bombards Congress with Cash, then Gets its Way

CREW Urges Lawmakers to Boycott the National Prayer Breakfast

CREW Exposes Roots of Shadowy Group Aiming to Influence Latino Voters

CREW and Open Government Groups Express Concerns Over Dodd-Frank Act

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Despite Initial Hesitance, Americans for Prosperity Ups Lobbying Presence on Capitol Hill

Congress Has a Miami Vice: Non-Florida Members Spent $52K in Miami Beach in 2015

Coal-Funded GOP AG Group Praises West Virginia AG for “His Defense of the Coal Industry”

Will the Music Industry Crank Up Its Lobbying After Copyright Ruling?

Lobbyist Scott Reed Finally Starts Following the Law after CREW Calls Him Out

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Melanie Sloan Discusses Revolving Door on CNN

Melanie Sloan Discusses No-bid Contracts With Bret Baier

Melanie Sloan Discusses CREW’s “Smoke Screen” Report

Melanie Sloan Discusses Release of Notes of Cheney’s FBI Interview in Wilson Leak Case

The Situation Room discusses transparency in the Obama Adminstration

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CREW Recommendations on Agency Proactive Disclosure

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