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CREW Files Amicus Brief to Prevent Unnecessary Expansion of Government Secrecy

CREW Signs Amicus Brief Against OLC Secret Laws

CREW Files Brief to Fight Secret Surveillance Laws

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CREW Urges Meeting With DOJ to Discuss Ongoing FOIA Litigation Concerns

Leading Rights Groups Call on Obama to Release Prisoner Abuse Photos

Coalition of Organizations Call for White House to Rescind Rule Restricting Lobbyist Communications

Organizations Across Political Spectrum Ask House & Senate Leaders to Post Committee Votes Online

Groups Call on Mukasey to Rescind Bush Memo Authorizing Politicization of Civil Rights Commission

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Presidential Loyalists Rubberstamping Surveillance: This Is the Public Debate We Were Promised?

CREW Shines Sunlight on Secret OLC Memoranda

Join CREW Wednesday for a Sunshine Week Panel Discussion

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CREW and Coalition Urge Congress to Pass FOIA Legislation Without Modification

CREW and Coalition Urge Congress to Restore Protections to Whistleblowers

CREW Joins Coalition Letter Opposing Cybersecurity Information Sharing Information Act

CREW and Coalition Call for Strongest Possible FOIA Reform

CREW Urges Congressional Committees to Restore Whistleblower Protections

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