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Legal Filings

CREW Files Amicus Brief to Prevent Unnecessary Expansion of Government Secrecy

CREW Signs Amicus Brief Defending Aggregate Limits on Individual Campaign Contributions

CREW Signs Amicus Brief Against OLC Secret Laws

CREW Files Brief to Fight Secret Surveillance Laws

CREW Files Brief in Supreme Court Arguing DOMA Undermines Ethics Laws

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CREW Issues Statement on Supreme Court’s Honest Services Fraud Decision

CREW Praises 9th Circuit Decision Upholding Prohibition on Straw Donors in Federal Elections

Corporations Do Not Have Personal Privacy Rights in Government Records, Groups Tell Supreme Court

CREW Files Amicus Brief in Black v. United States

Sentor Chambliss has it Wrong: Speech or Debate Clause does not Prevent Him from Testifying

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CREW’s Argument Cited Once Again Among Reasons Why DOMA Is Unconstitutional

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