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Legal Filings

CREW Files IRS Complaint Against the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition

CREW: Chamber of Commerce’s Self-Serving Rulemaking Petition Would Disenfranchise Shareholders

CREW Calls for Criminal Inquiry Into Potential Widespread Bribery in House of Representatives

CREW Files Complaints Against Koch-Linked Groups and Sean Noble for Lying to IRS, FEC

Report: Voluntary Corporate Political Spending Disclosure Does Not Work

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CREW Congratulates Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for 2014’s Craziest Quote

CREW Releases Report Revealing Senators Use Positions to Benefit Family Members

CREW Congratulates July’s Scoundrel of the Month: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

CREW Congratulates May’s Scoundrel of the Month: Sean Noble

CREW Congratulates April’s Scoundrel of the Month: Chief Justice John Roberts

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Freedom Partners Quietly Reveals Spending $22 Million in the Final Two Months of 2013

CREW Urges FEC to Strengthen Disclosure and Circumvention Regulations

CREW Analysis: The Role of Money in the 2014 Elections

Shape-Shifting Nonprofit Is Major Funder of a Run-and-Gun Super PAC

Freedom Partners Makes Things Even More Complicated

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Congressional Leadership PACs: Where’s the money going?

Leadership PACS - How’s that money really used by Congress?

Members of Congress from Florida Exploit Campaign Loopholes

The lobbyist to leadership PAC connection

Congress is Cashing in

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CREW and Coalition Call for Passage of Government by the People Act

CREW Signs Letter to DGA Discouraging Lawsuit Undermining Connecticut Election Law

CREW Joins Coalition Opposing Bill to Weaken Public Financing System

Reform Groups Urge House to Reject Latest Attempt to Repeal Presidential Public Financing System

Reform Groups Urge FEC Commissioners to Take No Action on Proposed Enforcement Manual Changes

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Craziest Quotes 2014: Mitch McConnell

Craziest Quotes 2014: John Roberts

CREW Report Reveals Sen. Pat Toomey Used Position to Benefit Family members

CREW Report Reveals Sen. Roy Blunt Used Position to Benefit Family Members

CREW Report Reveals Sen. Ted Cruz Used Position to Benefit Family Members

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