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Report: Voluntary Corporate Political Spending Disclosure Does Not Work

CREW Files Comments Criticizing IRS’s Proposed Section 501(c)(4) Regulations

CREW Sues IRS for Failing to Revise Rules Governing 501(c)(4) Groups

In Lawsuit Against IRS, CREW Continues Battle to Close 501(c)(4) Loophole

CREW Files Amended FEC Complaint Against Crossroads GPS

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CREW Congratulates March’s Scoundrel of the Month: The American Conservative Union

CREW Congratulates May’s Scoundrel of the Month: Sean Noble

CREW Calls McCutcheon Decision “Divorced from Reality”

CREW Congratulates January’s Scoundrel of the Month: Citizens United

CREW Releases White Paper Rebutting Arguments Against Reforming Tax-Exempt Political Groups

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Newly Disclosed Internal Documents Reveal Group’s Lies to IRS, FEC

Maine and Seattle Can Step Up Where D.C. Falls Short

Tobacco Company Gave $30,000 to Single-Candidate Dark Money Group in Oklahoma

A Corporate Response to CREW’s Disclosure Report

Today’s Decision in CREW v. Dep’t of Treasury

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The Real Scandal at the IRS - Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC

The Future of the Federal Election Commission - Panel Discussion

Melanie on Al Jazeera’s Empire - “U.S. democracy: The power of money”

Melanie and Jennifer Granholm discuss fixing our election laws, Karl Rove and “issue ads”

CREW’s CHGO report cited on the Senate floor

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CREW Files Comments with the FEC in Response to Citizens United

CREW and Coalition Sign Letter to Congress in Support of Stop Super PAC Candidate Coordination Act

CREW and Coalition Call for Passage of Government by the People Act

CREW Joins Coalition Pushing for New Regulation of Political Activities by 501(c)(4) Groups

CREW and Coalition Chastise SEC for Cutting Political Spending Disclosure Rule from Agenda

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Government’s Failure to Adequately Police Elections

Democracy for Sale

Stealth Donors

CHGO: Hit and Run

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