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CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

CREW Files FOIA With EPA To Uncover Influences on 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards

CREW Requests Investigation into Improper Industry Influence on the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standards

CREW Files OCE Complaint Against Rep. Walden for Supporting Fraudulent Campaign Websites

CREW Calls for Ethics Investigation of Rep. Michael Grimm for Threatening Reporter

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CREW Releases Report Revealing Senators Use Positions to Benefit Family Members

CREW on Congressional Travel Disclosure Changes: “Ludicrous”

FEC Lets Rob Andrews Off the Hook for Campaign Finance Violations

Transparency Groups Publish Freedom of Information Act Benchmarks for Federal Agencies

Report: Ways and Means Committee Members Received Big Donations During Tax Reform Debate

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CREW Analysis: The Role of Money in the 2014 Elections

Op-Ed: Why We Need FOIA Reform Now

Major Airlines Contribute Airfare to Honor Politicians

Squeezing Transparency out of the 113th Congress

CREW wins $70,000 payout from the Department of Justice

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Case of the missing government e-mails; It’s not only the IRS

Congressional Leadership PACs: Where’s the money going?

Leadership PACS - How’s that money really used by Congress?

Members of Congress from Florida Exploit Campaign Loopholes

Congressman Rick Renzi sentenced to prison

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CREW and Coalition Call on Obama to Commit to FOIA Reforms

CREW Recommends Updating the Rules of the House of Representatives for the 114th Congress

CREW Calls on Congress to Make Party Caucus Rules Public

CREW Expresses Concern Over CIA Director, Urges President Obama to Request his Resignation

CREW, Good Government Groups Support DISCLOSE Act to Increase Donor Transparency for Voters

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CREW’s Most Corrupt 2010: Unfinished Business

CREW Report Reveals Sen. Pat Toomey Used Position to Benefit Family members

CREW Report Reveals Sen. Roy Blunt Used Position to Benefit Family Members

CREW Report Reveals Sen. Ted Cruz Used Position to Benefit Family Members

CREW Report Reveals Sen. David Vitter Used Position to Benefit Family Members

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