Results — Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA)

Legal Filings

CREW Files Brief in Supreme Court Arguing DOMA Undermines Ethics Laws

CREW and GWU Law Professor File Third Amicus Brief Detailing Ways DOMA Undermines Laws

CREW and George Washington Law Professor: DOMA Undermines Current Laws

CREW: Ethics Loopholes Created by DOMA Make Law Unconstitutional

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Supreme Court Ends Term on a High Note, Declaring DOMA Unconstitutional

Your Weekly Roundup, March 29

CREW’s Argument Cited Once Again Among Reasons Why DOMA Is Unconstitutional

CREW Weighs in on DOMA’s Perverse and Unintended Consequences

Appellate Court Finds DOMA Unconstitutional

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Scoundrel of the Month February 2013

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