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Legal Filings

CREW Files FOIA Requests with Army Corps of Engineers Seeking Communications with Sen. Vitter

CREW Files FOIA Requests Seeking Records Related to Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert

CREW Files FOIA Requests Regarding Use of Alias Email Accounts

CREW Files FOIA Request with Defense Inspector General Regarding “Revolving Door” Ethics Opinions

CREW Files FOIA Requests Regarding “Revolving Door” Generals

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CREW Names the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress; Four More Earn Dishonorable Mentions

CREW and Brave New Foundation Release New Report and Film on Pentagon Revolving Door

Groups Praise Defense and State Departments for Releasing Nuclear Posture Review Report

CREW Files FOIA Requests for Documents Regarding Murtha-Related Non-Profits

CREW and Ask House Armed Services to Investigate Army Misdiagnoses of PTSD

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How Rep. Bill Shuster Came to the Rescue of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Charter Industry

Are Federal Agencies Complying with the Open Government Directive?

Pentagon Failing To Keep Track of The Revolving Door

Military Contractors Open the Revolving Door for Former Pentagon Officials

Dark Money Groups Have Ulterior Motives for Opposing Hagel

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CREW and Coaliton Sign onto Letter Opposing DoD’s Propsoal to Alter FOIA

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What CREW Learned About Former Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV)

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) Named One of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Members of Congress Unconcerned About Own Wasteful Spending

Strategic Maneuvers

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