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CREW Requests FTC Investigate Former Senator Scott Brown

Crew Files FOIA Requests for Records Related to Pershing Capital and Herbalife

CREW Files FOIA Request with Federal Trade Commission Regarding Indoor Tanning Association

Pharmaceutical Giant Sanofi Pasteur Seeks to Muzzle CREW from Speaking Out

CREW Files FOIA Requests for Documents Regarding Suarez Corporation Industries

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CREW Calls on Congress to Investigate Short Sellers Influencing Government to Maximize Profits

CREW Launches, Showcasing Wall Street Manipulation of Government for Personal Gain

Are Doctors Giving Patients the Best Vaccines, or the Vaccines With the Best Price?

CREW Files FOIA Request With FTC: How Many Complaints Must Be Filed to Launch an Investigation?

CREW Files Complaints With FTC and IRS Against Sean Hannity, Freedom Concerts and Freedom Alliance

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Berman Enlists Industry Scientist for Latest Project, Flip-Flops On Cancer Risk of Tanning

What Do Deer Hunts and Tanning Beds Have in Common?

Spoiler Alert: House of Cards Reveals Corrupt Nexus of Politicians and Charities

Google’s Dishonorable Donation

FTC pushes back on improper debt-collection tactics

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Burned by Berman:

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