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Legal Filings

CREW Files FOIA Requests with Army Corps of Engineers Seeking Communications with Sen. Vitter

CREW Files FOIA Requests Seeking Records Related to Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert

CREW Files Request for Records of Travel by Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)

Crew Files FOIA Requests for Records Related to Pershing Capital and Herbalife

CREW Seeks Records Related to Former Education Official Robert Shireman

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CREW Scores Big Win Against Dept. of Justice in Tom DeLay FOIA Dispute

CREW Files Appeals for Records on Sen. Ensign Investigation

CREW Files Appeal of SEC’s Withholding Information on Improving FOIA Responses

CREW Files FOIA Appeal Regarding SEC Oversight Records

CREW Seeks to Uncover Why DOJ Dropped the Ball on Ensign Scandal

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The Price the FEC Must Pay For Insisting On a Legally Flawed Position: Over $153,000

Promising New Online FOIA System Unveiled

WikiLeaks Damages Hopes for a Transparent Government

Ethics at the Agriculture Department - a New Frontier, or More of the Same?

Learning the Truth About the Bailouts

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