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District Court Judge Sides with DOJ in Jerry Lewis FOIA Case, Bringing Litigation to a Close

Victories for CREW in DOJ Lawsuits Regarding Jerry Lewis and Paul Magliocchetti Investigations

CREW Sues IRS for Failing to Revise Rules Governing 501(c)(4) Groups

In Lawsuit Against IRS, CREW Continues Battle to Close 501(c)(4) Loophole

CREW Wins Major Victory on FOIA Procedure

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CREW Sues Federal Election Commission for Failing to Enforce Federal Election Act

CREW Files Lawsuit Against Aetna for Misleading Proxy Statements

CREW Sues DOJ for Refusing to Release OLC Memos

CREW Calls on Gingrich to Ask DOJ to Release Ethics File

CREW Issues Statement on Government Support of Supreme Court Dismissal of Wilson’s Suit

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How Do the FBI’s Self-Described Domestic Law Enforcement Drones Implicate Foreign Intelligence?

A Pyrrhic Victory for the VA

CREW wins $70,000 payout from the Department of Justice

Today’s Decision in CREW v. Dep’t of Treasury

Magistrate Judge Sides with CREW, Recommends FEC Reimburse Legal Fees

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