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Legal Filings

CREW Files IRS Complaint Against the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition

CREW Files FBI and Ethics Complaints Against Sen. McConnell for Misusing Official Staff for Campaign

CREW Calls on Senate Leadership to Enforce Rules Regarding Secret Holds

CREW Calls for Super Committee Members to Abstain from Fundraising

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CREW Congratulates Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for 2014’s Craziest Quote

CREW Congratulates February’s Scoundrel of the Month: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

CREW Report: Grants to Dark Money Groups Reflect Hollywood’s Changing Influence Machine

CREW Releases New Report Exposing Influence of Fracking Industry

CREW Voters Pick the Three Most Corrupt Members of Congress

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Crossroads GPS and Kentucky Opportunity Coalition Have, Word for Word, the Same Mission

Senate Moves Closer to Electronic Filing of Candidate Campaign Reports

Sudden Outbreak of Productivity in the Senate Ethics Committee

McCutcheon: More Money, More Problems

Secret Holds Are Filibuster’s Silent Partner in Stalling

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CREW and Coaliton Sign onto Letter Opposing DoD’s Propsoal to Alter FOIA

CREW Encourages Senate to Vote on Nominees Before 113th Congress Ends

CREW Recommends Changes To Senate Ethics Process

CREW Encourages Senate to Hold Votes on EAC Nominees Before November

CREW Joins Coalition in Opposing FISA Amendments Act

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Craziest Quotes 2014: Mitch McConnell

CREW Report Reveals Kentucky Senators Used Positions to Benefit Family Members

Database: Fracking Industry Contributions to 113th Congress

Map: States Where the Fracking Industry is Active

Natural Cash - Fracking Industry Contributions to Congress

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