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Legal Filings

CREW and Other Groups File Amicus Brief Regarding Montana Supreme Court Campaign Finance Case

CREW Files FOIAs Seeking Records Regarding Mongolia Forward

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Montana Judge Sides with CREW, Orders Release of Edited Presentence Investigation Report

Montana Judge Sides with CREW, Says There Is Public Interest in Details of 2009 Boat Crash

CREW Calls on Montana Court to Release Files Regarding Rep. Rehberg’s Role in Boat Crash

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Are Montana Politicians Really “Incorruptible”?

Steps Toward Campaign Finance Reform in Montana

Newly Released Report Reveals Rep. Rehberg Lied — and Cover-Up Likely

TAKE ACTION: Ask DOJ to investigate this lying dark money group

Boating Under the Influence in Big Sky Country

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Database: Fracking Industry Contributions to 113th Congress

Map: States Where the Fracking Industry is Active

Natural Cash - Fracking Industry Contributions to Congress

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