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Legal Filings

CREW Calls on DOJ to Investigate DNI Clapper for Lying to Congress

CREW Files FOIA Request Regarding FBI’s Use of Drones in the United States

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Fixing Congressional Oversight of National Security

The House Should Slow Down on a Flawed Intelligence Authorization Bill

House Forecloses NSA from Undermining Crypography Standards

Op-Ed: Bringing Democracy To National Security Policy

Waiting for Another Shoe to Drop

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Senator Wyden discusses drones, targeted killings, and the secret laws that allow them

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CREW Joins Coalition in Opposing FISA Amendments Act

CREW Joins Coalition for Open Internet to Urge Reform of Surveillance Practices

CREW Signs Letter Asking NSA to Disclose Surveillance of Trade Advocates

Reform Groups Urge Senate Intelligence Committee to Release NSA Legislation Prior to Mark-Up

CREW and Other Groups Call on Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board to Urge Transparency

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