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Legal Filings

CREW Files FOIA Requests Seeking Legal Analysis of President’s Authority to Lift Debt Ceiling

CREW Files FOIA Request Seeking OLC Opinions on Executive Branch Authority to Conduct Surveillance

CREW Calls on OLC to Disclose Secret Law

CREW Files FOIA Request with DOJ Seeking OLC Opinions Regarding FBI’s Use of Drones

CREW Signs Amicus Brief Against OLC Secret Laws

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CREW Sues DOJ for Refusing to Release OLC Memos

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The House Should Slow Down on a Flawed Intelligence Authorization Bill

CREW Submits Open Government Plan Recommendations

What CREW is Looking For in Obama’s Surveillance Speech

Could the President Have Prevented the Debt Ceiling Crisis?

Why CREW Is Suing DOJ to Force Disclosure of OLC Opinions

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Senator Wyden discusses drones, targeted killings, and the secret laws that allow them

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CREW’s Open Government Plan Recommendations to the Department of Justice (2014)

CREW and Coalition Call on President to Curb the Use of Secret Law

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OLC Memoranda: Does U.S. Secret Law Threaten Our Democracy?

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