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CREW Files IRS and DOJ Complaint Against Americans for Tax Reform and Grover Norquist

CREW Files Amicus Brief to Prevent Unnecessary Expansion of Government Secrecy

CREW Signs Amicus Brief Defending Aggregate Limits on Individual Campaign Contributions

CREW Executive Director Files IRS Whistleblower Complaint Against Campaign Finance Lawyer James Bopp

CREW Signs Amicus Brief Against OLC Secret Laws

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CREW Report: Grants to Dark Money Groups Reflect Hollywood’s Changing Influence Machine

CREW, Transparency Coalition to White House, Congress: Don’t Gut the DATA Act

CREW Leads Push for Congress to Require Disclosure of Presidential Library Fundraising

CREW Files Lawsuit Against Aetna for Misleading Proxy Statements

CREW and Reform Groups Call on Congress to Deal with Two IRS Scandals

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Big Step for Public Access to Legislation

A FOIA Report Card That Is Anything But Fair and Accurate

Broad Coalition Urges House Action on Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act

5 Datasets in Celebration of Data Innovation Day

Koch Network Backed Mysterious Group Pushing to Shift Allocation of PA Electoral Votes

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CREW’s CHGO report cited on the Senate floor

Senator James Inhofe Agrees with CREW on Earmarks

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CREW Signs Letter of Support for the Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act

CREW Joins Coalition Urging Restoration of the Election Assistance Commission

CREW Joins Coalition in Urging Representatives to Co-Sponsor Comprehensive Campaign Reform Bill

CREW Urges President to Veto Bill Repealing Public Funding for Presidential Nominating Conventions

CREW Urges President Obama to Declassify Records of CIA Detention and Interrogation Practices

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OLC Memoranda: Does U.S. Secret Law Threaten Our Democracy?

Democracy for Sale

Scoundrel of the Month October 2012

CHGO: Hit and Run

Commission on Hope, Growth and Opportunity

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