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CREW Files Senate Ethics Complaint Against MA Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez

CREW Asks IRS to Investigate U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

CREW Files FEC Complaint Against Murray Energy Corporation and CEO Robert Murray

CREW Calls for Investigation into Discrepancies Between Romney’s Tax Returns & Financial Disclosures

CREW Files FOIA Requests for Gingrich Ethics Investigation Records

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CREW Files Criminal Complaint Against Rubio Finance Chair, DC Power Players

More Evidence of Rubio Group Illegal Activity

CREW Files Complaint Against Rubio, Tillis Groups

Not A Witch Hunt: FEC Sues Christine O’Donnell

CREW Names the Top 12 Scandals of 2012

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Single Candidate (c)(4) Fails At Pretending It’s Not Just About ‘Supporting Marco Rubio’

FEC Dismisses Complaint Against CREW

Rubio Still Has Ties to Rivera

Mr. Adelson Goes to Washington

The FEC Blows it Again: Fails to Act Against Former SC Senate Candidate Alvin Greene

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Melanie Sloan Discusses the Federal Investigation of Christine O’Donnell on AC360

Florida Senate Debate; Crooked Candidates Face the Music

Melanie Sloan Discusses the O’Donnell FEC Complaint with Anderson Cooper

Melanie Sloan Discusses O’Donnell on The Situation Room

Melanie Sloan Discusses Christine O’Donnell on Rick’s List

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Transparency Is So 2008 (Part II)

Top 10 Scandals of 2010

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