September 19, 2011

Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH) Named One of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH) fudged the numbers and cooked the books to buy a seat in Congress. Beginning in 2009, Rep. Guinta made several shady loans to his campaign committee, claiming the money was his own despite an income that seemed to preclude that possibility. For this, he has earned a spot on Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s (CREW) Most Corrupt Members of Congress annual report. Click here to read CREW’s full report on Rep. Guinta.

“Rep. Guinta refuses to come clean about how he magically produced hundreds of thousands of dollars to infuse into his campaign,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan.

Between June 2009 and September 2010, Rep. Guinta made a series of loans to his campaign totalling $355,000.  His campaign committee reported Rep. Guinta had put up the money himself, but Rep. Guinta’s financial disclosure forms showed he didn’t have sufficient assets to cover the loans. 

Soon after, Rep. Guinta filed an amended disclosure form, revealing a previously undisclosed bank account worth between $250,001 and $500,000. He said the failure to list the account earlier was “an inadvertent oversight.” One report by New Hampshire Public Radio suggested Rep. Guinta’s parents might have loaned their son the money. While candidates are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of their own money on their campaigns, the law prohibits making contributions in the name of anyone other than the true source and limits the amounts others may contribute.

“It is impossible to believe Rep. Guinta simply ‘forgot’ about a bank account with over $250,000 – by far his largest asset.  He’s not exactly Bill Gates,” said Ms. Sloan. “It just goes to show, there’s really no line Rep Guinta won’t cross to land a seat in Congress.”

This is the 7th edition of the CREW’S Most Corrupt Report, an annual look at a bipartisan collection of Washington’s worst.  This year’s list includes seven Democrats, and 12 Republicans.  Five are repeat offenders.  Since 2005, CREW has named 70 members of Congress to the list, 32 of whom are no longer in office. 

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