By Daniel Schuman
July 15, 2014

Nearly a month-and-a-half after federal agency Open Government Plans were due, 20 percent of agencies required by the White House to publish a plan still have not done so, including major agencies like the Department of State and the Office of Management and Budget. Overall, of the 29 agencies required to publish plans by June 1, six are still missing.

This is an improvement over last week, when 21 agencies had submitted plans and eight were missing. We have added both Department of Health and Human Services and the Small Business Administration (SBA), although we note SBA’s plan is not available at because of a broken link.

We should mention we added the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which just released its report. We also added the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which we overlooked last week, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, whose plan was difficult to find because the agency does not have an /open page. We removed the National Capital Planning Commission, which we had erroneously awarded an honorable mention.

Next week, 50 days will have elapsed since the plans were due. Who will comply by then?

Agency Compliance with Open Government Directive scorecard