March 21, 2017

Under the Freedom of Information Act, CREW Requests:

Copies of the manifests and any other records maintained by the White House Military Office (“WHMO”) that disclose the identities and status (official or non-official) of passengers on Air Force One accompanying President Donald Trump to or from Mar-a-Lago on the following dates: February 3; February 10; February 12; February 17; February 20; March 3; March 5; March 17; and March 19.

It has been widely reported that since taking office, President Trump has traveled to Mar-a-Lago – his so-called “Winter White House”- on five separate weekends. His security detail and members of his staff accompany him as well, and often other government officials, and personal acquaintance accompanies him as well on these trips. News reports have provided various estimates for the costs of these trips, ranging from $3.6 million per weekend in Mar-a-Lago to about $2 million per trip. A comprehensive list of who traveled with the president and the travel costs for those accompanying the president has not yet been made public.

The requested records would shed light on the extent to which the president is using the perks of his office to garner support for his political, policy, and business interests. The requested records are a starting point for the public to determine whether the president’s own conduct is at odds with the policy preferences his budget reflects, and his commitment to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

2017-3-21 FOIA Request Mar-a-Lago