Under the Freedom of Information Act, CREW Requests:

  1. Copies of all recusal statements or counseling memoranda and guidance pertaining o or received by former State Department Senior Advisor and Transition Team advisor Jonathan Galavia
  2. Copies of all job descriptions for Jonathan Galaviz during his tenure at the State Department
  3.  Copies of all communications to or from Jonathan Galaviz pertaining to or mentioning: (1) Macau; (2) Steve Wynn; (3) Sheldon Adelson; and (4) casinos, whether by specific name or generically. Please note this request includes emails sent to or from both Mr. Galaviz’s government email account as well as any other email account he used to transact State Department business.

Mr. Galaviz left his job consulting for Steve Wynn and others, including a Russian government corporation, on casino gambling, to join the State Department just as Mr. Wynn became the finance chair for the Republican National Committee in February 2017. As a senior advisor, Mr. Galaviz reportedly was based at J Bureau, which includes “the Office of Global Criminal Justice, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, and the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labo.”  Significantly, his consulting firm touted on its website that he would be back after his State Department stint, and for some time continued to list him as the firm’s “chief strategist.”

The requested records will show how the State Department handled the apparent conflicts issues Mr. Galaviz’s employment raised given his previous clients, his areas of responsibility at the State Department, and the fact that he was on “unpaid leave” according to GMA during his government tenure. The records also will show the extent to which he was involved at the State Department in matters that overlapped with his consulting business.

Read the FOIA Request here.