Eric HolcombRepublican
Assumed office January 9, 2017
Currently serving first term, which will end January 2021; two consecutive term limit

Groups connected to the governor:
Imagine Indiana, Inc. (II)


Imagine Indiana, Inc. (II) (defunct)[1]
Type of group: Shadow governance
Type of support: Inauguration
Tax status: 501(c)(4)
Active: November 9, 2016 – present[2]

Stated mission: II was “formed to manage [Gov. Holcomb’s] transition and inaugural activities.”[3]

Ties to the governor: II was formed by William W. Barrett, who donated $5,400 to Gov. Holcomb’s campaign.[4] As of November 9, 2016, its directors include Kyle Hupfer, a “trusted longtime friend of [Gov.] Holcomb” and co-chair of Gov. Holcomb’s transition board who Gov. Holcomb also nominated as Indiana Republican Party chief;[5] Earl Goode, Gov. Holcomb’s chief of staff;[6] and Jeff Knight, who also served on Gov. Holcomb’s transition board.[7]

Activities: II, formerly known as Next Level Indiana, Inc., was created the day after Gov. Holcomb won the 2016 gubernatorial race.[8] Taking Indiana to the “next level” is a catchphrase for Gov. Holcomb; it was a repeated theme of his first State of the State address, where he also announced the creation of the Next Level Indiana Fund.[9] In April 2017, II retweeted a Twitter ad from American Policy Coalition, a nonprofit previously associated with Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, advocating for Gov. Holcomb’s infrastructure plan.[10]

II changed its name to Imagine Indiana, Inc. on July 11, 2017.[11]

Donor disclosure and revenue: II has not disclosed its donors. Its revenue has not yet been reported to the IRS.


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