Washington, D.C. – Rookie Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) is a popular guy in the law enforcement community.  Multiple agencies on both the state and federal level are actively investigating the Miami member for a whole host of shady schemes that have lined his personal pockets, enriched his friends and family, and shown a total disregard for the truth.  It’s no wonder Rep. Rivera has been named by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) as one of the Most Corrupt Members of CongressClick here to read the full report on Rep. Rivera.

“It’s almost hard to find a law enforcement agency that isn’t investigating Rep. Rivera,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan.  “It’s not surprising Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) refuses to be seen with him and Florida Republicans are already recruiting candidates to quickly replace him in the event he is forced to resign in disgrace.  While he has some stiff competition, Rep. Rivera might very well be the most corrupt member of Congress.”

Rep. Rivera’s troubles are many, but stem from his shady business dealings and failure to disclose his income.  Millennium Marketing Inc. lies at the center of the largest scandal.  The business was founded in 2000 by Rep. Rivera’s mother, but closed in 2001.  Regardless, Rep. Rivera claimed to be employed there from 2002-2005.  The business reappeared in 2006, (this time with his godmother in charge) as voters were about to consider a ballot measure on slot machines.   Lawyers from Flagler Dog Track (now Magic City Casino) have said then State-Representative Rivera approached them to manage the pro-slots campaign, asking that payments be made to the newly reorganized Millennium Marketing Inc.  The contract called for Millennium to be paid more than a million dollars, none of which Rep. Rivera reported receiving as income.  Both the FBI and IRS are investigating.

During his time in the state legislature, Rep. Rivera acted as his own campaign treasurer and reimbursed himself over $160,000, failing to account for $60,000 of this in violation of Florida law.  He also received $132,000 in personal loans from Millennium Marketing that he failed to disclose until confronted by the Associated Press.

State investigators are also looking into a kickback scheme where a woman who Rep. Rivera himself has described as a fundraising consultant and friend received a $150,000 contract from the Miami-Dade GOP when Rep. Rivera was the chair.

“The question is no longer if Rep. Rivera will get indicted, but when, and by who?” said Ms. Sloan.

This is the 7th edition of the CREW’S Most Corrupt Report, an annual look at a bipartisan collection of Washington’s worst.  This year’s list includes seven Democrats, and 12 Republicans.  Five are repeat offenders.  Since 2005, CREW has named 70 members of Congress to the list, 32 of whom are no longer in office.