After CREW exposed McEnany’s disclosure, Fox put out a statement saying that “Kayleigh McEnany is not currently an employee or contributor at FOX News.”

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany may be the latest official to take advantage of the revolving door between Fox News and the Trump administration. According to her termination financial disclosure report, McEnany reached an agreement with the company in January 2021 to start working there this month. During her stint in the Trump administration, McEnany regularly appeared on the network, including more than 20 times after Trump lost the 2020 election. 

The financial disclosure also shows that Turning Point USA covered a $6,500 gift for McEnany and a guest to attend an event at which she received an award. In December 2020, McEnany attended the group’s winter gala at Mar-a-Lago which was widely criticized as flouting coronavirus restrictions. In addition, McEnany reported receiving nearly $200,000 in salary and bonus from the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. While the reporting period includes a few months before McEnany started working at the White House, Salon reported that the Trump campaign paid her $12,000 after she started her job as press secretary. After Salon’s report, McEnany explained that the $12,000 was paid back but Salon was not able to verify whether that indeed happened.

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