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CREW uses high-impact legal actions to target government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests.     Learn more.


Door Opens for More Dark Money in Michigan

More bad news for state campaign finance law. In an attempt to make Michigan’s already feeble campaign finance laws even weaker, the state legislature is trying to change Michigan law to formally recognize the kind of uncontrolled and often secret political spending the Supreme Court allowed in Citizens United. Read More ›

How to Use Dark Money Nonprofits to Run Your Voter Shaming Program

In the days leading up to the Iowa caucuses, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’s presidential campaign sent mailers to select voters in the Hawkeye State, warning them of a “voter violation” because of “low expected voter turnout in your area.” Each mailer included a voting “grade” and “score” for the recipient and several of their neighbors. “Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors’ are public record,” the mailer read. “Their scores are published below, and many of them will see your score as well.” Read More ›

Scandals and Scoundrels

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