All Americans deserve a government that is ethical and accountable for its actions and transparent in its dealings. When the government fails to uphold this principle, historically marginalized communities often bear the brunt of the impact. When that happens, CREW is there to hold the government accountable.

For the immigrant and Black and brown communities that felt the weight of the Trump administration’s abuses most acutely, the connection between racism and corruption is all too clear. As we move forward in a post-Trump era, we will continue to fight for an America where everyone has the right to be treated equally and ethically by their government, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Equality is essential to an ethical government, and corruption exacerbates systemic racism and inequality.

Whether it’s exposing abuses in ICE detention centers, shining a light on private prisons’ lack of transparency or calling out federal law enforcement surveillance of racial justice protests, CREW uses aggressive legal actions, in-depth investigations, and innovative policy and reform work to fight for a more ethical government regardless of the party in power.

We at CREW are committed to holding the powerful accountable. You cannot preserve or advance equality under the law without an ethical, open and responsible government. 

Below is a selection of CREW’s work on equity and ethics:

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