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CREW is suing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for communications on coronavirus racial data collection, especially given the disproportionate effects of the coronavirus on Black communities. Infection and death rates were reportedly three and six times higher, respectively, in majority-Black counties than in majority-white counties. As the coronavirus death toll climbs, the public deserves to know how coronavirus demographic data is being federally collected, since the data would be vital to helping policymakers target resources to communities that are being disproportionately affected.

CREW previously requested CDC data pertaining to race, primary language, gender, disability status, or socioeconomic status, but has not received documents on communications regarding data collection. 

The Trump administration’s piecemeal and inadequate response to the coronavirus has had devastating effects on the health of all Americans, and especially those who are most disenfranchised. Between CDC Director Robert Redfield’s attempts to destroy coronavirus related documents, Health and Human Services’ privatization of coronavirus data, and the CDC’s seemingly politicized rollback of coronavirus rules, there is much reason to be skeptical of the collection and retention of demographic data.

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