CREW received records from the CDC.

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As the US coronavirus death toll continues to grimly rise, today surpassing 200,000 deaths, increased scrutiny towards the Center for Disease Control (CDC) politicizing information around coronavirus guidance is critical.

On August 26, ABC News reported that the CDC had abruptly relaxed guidelines on coronavirus testing, contradicting CDC Director Robert Redfield’s broad testing recommendations. On September 21, CNN reported that the CDC was removing guidelines it had posted just three days prior on the dangers of airborne coronavirus transmission, alarming scientists cautioning against air travel. If CDC changes have been politically motivated to fit Trump’s agenda over the advice of experts, the public deserves to know to what extent their government coronavirus guidelines are based on political considerations over science-based guidance.

CREW has requested CDC documents on changes to CDC guidance about the coronavirus.

The public deserves to know if we have been given faulty guidance and if inconsistent information is a result of political manipulations over scientific expertise. In May, several states including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas saw an uptick in coronavirus cases after reopening following minimal guidance from the federal government. Months later, the lack of coherent guidance continues to have dire transparency and public health consequences as the coronavirus death toll continues its upward trajectory.

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