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CREW is suing the Department of Defense for their failure to turn over records that could reveal that Trump’s White House pressured the DOD to accept a no-bid contract to lease its 5G spectrum to Rivada Networks, a company funded largely by the GOP and Trump supporters. The potential award of the no-bid contract to Rivada was characterized by CNN as “the biggest handoff of economic power to a single entity in history.” This appears to be another instance of Trump’s White House meddling with the federal contracting process to benefit a political supporter. The public deserves to know the full extent of its damage to the process.

CREW requested records that would reveal the extent of undue influence of Rivada on the administration, but has so far received no responsive documents. Since then, additional reports have indicated that influential Republican operative Karl Rove reportedly lobbied the White House on Rivada’s behalf, adding further public interest in the documents. 

There are billions of taxpayer dollars at stake in this contract as well as serious national security concerns. Should Rivada get the contract, they would be responsible for providing an incredible amount of digital security for a division of our government most prone to cyber attacks. If the administration bypassed rigorous vetting procedures in order to benefit a Trump supporter, that could put our nation’s national security in danger. 

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