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CREW Seeks Records Related to Former Education Official Robert Shireman

CREW Files FOIA Request with Department of Education Regarding Inspector General Report

Education Scandal Deepens; Inspector General Must Investigate

CREW Receives Dept. of Education Response to Request for Investigation

CREW Seeks Records of Department of Education Meetings with Interest Groups and Wall Street

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CREW Calls on Congress to Investigate Short Sellers Influencing Government to Maximize Profits

CREW Provides SEC New Information about Short-sellers’ Efforts to Shape Education Regulations

Department of Education Files Motion for Summary Judgment in CREW’s FOIA Lawsuit

CREW Calls for Investigation Into Possible Market Manipulation by Wall Street

CREW Demands Investigation into Wall Street Investors’ Manipulation of Education Regulations

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Robert Shireman’s Continuing Efforts To Influence Education Policy

Op-Ed: Education Official Who Left Under Ethical Cloud Returns to Washington

Selling America Short

Stock Market Mavens Manipulate Government

Education IG Report on Gainful Employment Regulations - Too Little, Too Late

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