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CREW Files FOIA Requests with Four HHS Components Seeking Updated Travel Expenses

CREW Files FOIA Request for Documents Related to SEC’s Decision to Drop Political Disclosure Rule

CREW Files FOIA Requests Seeking Records of Pesticide Industry’s Contacts Regarding Regulation

CREW Files FOIA Requests Seeking Legal Analysis of President’s Authority to Lift Debt Ceiling

CREW Files Amicus Brief to Prevent Unnecessary Expansion of Government Secrecy

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CREW Scores Big Win Against Dept. of Justice in Tom DeLay FOIA Dispute

New CREW Report Calls for More Disclosure from Private Prison Profiteers

D.C. Circuit Rejects Public Access to WH Visitor Logs

Court Rejects Privacy Arguments in Don Young Case

CREW to Congress: Proposed Changes to FOIA Don’t Address Most Serious Abuses

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Jury Latest to Confirm Nathan Deal Has Ethics Problems

FBI Produces More Domestic Drone Documents, But Still No Answers

Sunshine Week 2014

A FOIA Report Card That Is Anything But Fair and Accurate

The House FOIA Bill Is a Good First Step — But Only A First Step

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CREW Joins Open Government Advocates to Thank Sen. Leahy for Preserving FOIA in Farm Bill

CREW and Open Government Advocates Urge Farm Bill Conferees Not to Undermine FOIA

CREW and Others Urge Senators to Protect Farm Bill’s Existing Privacy Protections

CREW and Others Thank House Oversight Comm. for Holding Agencies Accountable for Implementing FOIA

112th Congress Review - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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Rep. Vern Buchanan Dodges Criminal Charges

EPA Official Using Fictitious Email Address

What CREW Has Learned So Far About Jerry Lewis

What CREW Has Learned About Don Young

FOIA at the Mid-term: Obstacles to Transparency Remain

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