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Trump made up to $160 million from foreign countries as president

[…] course by building 550 homes and a second golf course. Eric Trump celebrated this “new phase of development” on Twitter. At the same time, Eric was bashing Hunter Biden on Fox News for “cashing in” while his father was vice president. The Trumps took advantage of the presidency to revive dormant old deals as well, […]

Sixteen Trump administration officials violated the law to boost Trump campaign in October

[…] Secretary Standing on the White House grounds and speaking in her official capacity, promoted Trump’s re-election and called on the media to look into the “Joe Biden Hunter Biden situation.”  Ja’Ron Smith, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of American Innovation Posted message promoting the Trump campaign on the Twitter […]

Trump Administration officials continue violating the Hatch Act

[…] capacity where he discussed official national security information like intelligence briefings and Russian disinformation before making comments regarding the upcoming election. When asked by the host about Hunter Biden, former Vice President Biden, and Russian disinformation, Ratcliffe first said: “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign and I think the American […]

At least 15 more Hatch Act violations by Trump officials during the conventions

[…] record. A 44 year old record.” He went on to further disparage Biden, claiming that “Joe’s dangerous when it comes to off-shoring jobs” and attacking Biden’s son Hunter Biden.  7. Later, Navarro shared a similar political message on the Twitter account he uses for official government business including a link to the Fox News interview. […]

CREW complaint: Investigate State Department for politicized responses

[…] Republican committee chairs investigating President Trump’s political rival. The Department voluntarily cooperated with document requests from Republican Senate chairs regarding former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and Burisma, while refusing to comply with numerous requests from Chairman Engel for information and testimony about alleged corruption by President Trump and officials in his […]

CREW requests Graham and Barr communications on Giuliani

[…] example of Barr doing the president’s bidding at the expense of the public interest.  CREW requested DOJ records on communications between Barr and Graham mentioning Giuliani, Ukraine, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Burisma. CREW also requested records related to any process that DOJ has for accepting or verifying information provided by Giuliani on these topics, […]

Bolton testimony would address all six points of the president’s defense

[…] reported Bolton excerpt appears to directly contradict this statement. It asserts that President Trump conditioned delivery of the Ukrainian aid on assistance with investigations of Joe and Hunter Biden and other Democrats. Trump Defense Team Claim Two: “President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said that there was no quid pro quo and no […]

Trump’s Ukraine call was damning, and the context makes it even worse

[…] the need for Ukraine to pursue investigations that would benefit Trump, namely investigations of alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election and of Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and/or Burisma, a Ukrainian company who’s board Hunter Biden served on.  Multiple officials testified that at a July 10 meeting in the White House a top […]

CREW requests DOJ records on release of whistleblower complaint

[…] the Office of Legal Counsel. Read it here. September 24, 2019 President Trump appears to have abused his presidential powers by reportedly pressuring Ukrainian officials to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate and former-Vice President Joe Biden. A whistleblower from within the intelligence community filed a complaint that could implicate Trump and […]