While Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency is now over, accountability for his abuses and corruption is in some ways just beginning. As president, Trump was shielded from prosecution for any number of potential criminal charges, from obstruction of justice to campaign finance crimes. That protection has now expired, and his conduct could now bear real consequences. 

For Trump’s inner circle, the end of his presidency also comes with legal liability. While he was president, Trump took an extremely indulgent approach to violations of ethics laws, encouraging rather than punishing members of his administration who violated the law. Trump also indulged and modeled blatant corruption, which led CREW to file several outstanding conflict of interest complaints against members of the Trump administration.

CREW will continue to push for accountability for the crimes and ethical violations committed by Trump, his family and members of his administration. We need accountability to deter future corruption and restore American’s faith in a government where there cannot be corrupt conduct without consequences. If those in Trump’s inner circle are allowed to escape consequences for monetizing the presidency and leveraging government resources for personal and political gain, the Trump era will have truly left our democracy in a weakened, corrupted state. We will not allow that to happen.


Trump’s criminal exposure:


Criminal exposure for Trump allies and family:

  • Roger Stone, involvement in insurrection
  • Erik Prince, potential false statements to Congress
  • Rudy Giuliani, for role in Ukraine scheme
  • Ryan Zinke, mixing of personal and government roles
  • Steve Bannon, charged for fraud related to We Build the Wall
  • Donald Trump Jr., potential false statements to Congress, fraud related to overcharging during Trump inauguration
  • Ivanka Trump, potential fraud related to consulting fees
  • Jared Kushner, potential false statements to Congress


Criminal conflict of interest complaints:


Hatch Act violations:

CREW filed several complaints that are still awaiting action by the Office of Special Counsel, including egregious violations by Chad Wolf, William Barr and Mark Meadows, and potentially criminal violations by Rudy Giuliani and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.