Michael Cohen lied to Congress about hush money payments and about a Trump Organization project in Moscow. The Judge Pauley, the judge overseeing his criminal case ordered certain documents unsealed after the government revealed it had closed its related investigation of others for campaign finance crimes. Upon learning the investigation was closed, CREW requested records of the investigation from the FBI and three other Department of Justice components to shed light on who else was involved and why the government did not prosecute any others beyond Cohen, including the president. 

CREW sought expedition of its requests, relying in large part on Judge Pauley’s order calling for the records to be made publicly available because the campaign finance violations they related to were “a matter of national importance.” When the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys and the Office of Information Policy denied CREW’s requests to expedite, CREW sued seeking the documents on an expedited basis.

The requested records are crucial to public understanding of how many others close to Trump were or may have been involved in Cohen’s crimes and whether or not this corruption went all the way up to the president. Americans have a right to know if their president or his associates violated the law of the land, and if so, why the DOJ refused to prosecute them.

Lawsuit Documents

  • July 30, 2019
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