CREW filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics stating that Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) campaign committee has acknowledged spending thousands of dollars not related to campaign activity and appears to have spent thousands more not previously identified or reimbursed in its latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure report. CREW also requested an FEC audit of the campaign committee.

In the most recent report, the campaign committee disclosed payments to hotels and restaurants in Rome, Florence and Positano on what appears to be a family vacation to Italy, as well as train tickets and other travel costs.  One particularly questionable purchase was for hundreds of dollars marked as “food/beverages,” but the payment was made at a jewelry store in Florence.

The campaign committee has admitted to improperly spending funds on video games, an oral surgeon, travel to Hawaii, a garage door repair for the Hunters’ house, Hunter’s children’s school tuition and thousands of dollars in reimbursements to Hunter’s wife—who also serves as his campaign manager—that were not for campaign purposes.

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