CREW sent an addendum letter to the EPA. 

CREW sent a letter to the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General requesting it investigate the process by which ethics advice and determinations are provided to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and other EPA appointees by agency ethics officials and other legal advisors.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and his staff have reportedly engaged in a pattern of misconduct that includes accepting prohibited gifts, misusing government resources, and abusing travel and special hiring authorities, as well as engaging in retaliatory actions directed at employees who voiced objections to the conduct of top officials.

Administrator Pruitt and other senior EPA appointees involvement in these matters  suggests that the process is broken, and may be compromised by the fear of retaliation against officials who question Administrator Pruitt’s conduct.  Accordingly, OIG should both thoroughly investigate the possible violations of the standard of ethical conduct and other laws, and broadly review EPA’s ethics process to ensure it is operating to fulfill the critical mission of executive branch ethics programs of safeguarding and promoting public confidence in the integrity of government decision-making.

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