CREW filed a complaint with the Office of Government Ethics against seven former White House aides who failed to disclose future employment arrangements in their termination financial disclosure reports. These failures took place under the leadership of Stefan Passantino, former Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO) for the White House and National Security Council, while Passantino himself also failed to disclose future employment arrangements.

CREW found that the following former White House officials failed to disclose future employment: John McEntee, Marc Short, Katie Walsh, William Stepien, Paul Winfree, Reed Cordish and Stefan Passantino. Former officials subsequently worked in Trump’s campaign, other political organizations and law firms. In addition, there is evidence that McEntee violated laws against receiving outside earned income and the requirement that he disclose all non-government income in his termination report. The Trump campaign reported paying McEntee over $20,000 in March 2018, while he was still employed in the White House.

As DAEO for the White House and National Security Council, Passintano personally certified three out of five incomplete termination reports. After Passantino left his position, the White House delayed naming a replacement to oversee the ethics and financial disclosure programs.

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