CREW sent a letter requesting the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) review and investigate the General Services Administration’s (GSA) determination that Trump Old Post Office LLC is in full compliance with the conflict of interest provision of its Ground Lease with GSA.

UPDATE: Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), top Democrat on the Senate EPW Committee, responded to CREW’s letter:

“When an agency undertakes an investigation into conflicts of interest, the public expects it to be conducted thoroughly. Unfortunately, in its review of the Trump hotel lease, it appears as though GSA missed – or ignored – crucial details.

“It is now clear from CREW’s analysis that President Trump can financially benefit from his lease of the Old Post Office Building because the lease is retained in a trust that President Trump continues to control and may access at any time. Moreover, CREW also noted other ways the President may be directly benefiting from the lease, such as through the purchase of Trump-branded wine, coffee and other food products for the Hotel and through principal payments on loans held by the President that could reduce his debt or free up his collateral for future business ventures. GSA appears to have failed to look into these key points and was entirely unable to justify its determination to me and my staff on multiple occasions. Making a determination with incomplete information and no legal basis is unacceptable and warrants further review.

“I commend CREW on its detailed analysis of the Trump Hotel lease and its pursuit of the truth. I stand ready to work with the chairman and our EPW colleagues to continue to investigate this matter in a thorough and transparent manner. Americans deserve to know that those at the highest levels of our government are following the rules and serving the public, not themselves.”

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