CREW sent a letter to the Honorable Denise Turner Roth, Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA), requesting that they immediately initiate the process for establishing that the Trump Old Post Office LLC is in breach of its ground lease for the Old Post Office Building. Section 37.19 of the ground lease provides that “[no] elected official of the Government of the United States…shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom.” Now that Mr. Trump has been sworn in as President of the United States, Trump Old Post Office LLC, a company he largely owns, is in violation of the ground lease. If President Trump’s company does not resolve this breach, GSA should exercise its right to terminate the lease or take other legal action.

UPDATE: On March 23, 2017 the GSA released a letter stating that the “Tenant [Trump Old Post Office LLC] is in full compliance with Section 37.19 and, accordingly, the Lease is valid and in full force and effect.” Click here to read CREW’s response to the GSA’s decision. 

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