CREW, in conjunction with Democracy 21, wrote a supplement to the March 28 letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) requesting that it undertake a preliminary inquiry into whether Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, disclosed classified information to the public.

The supplement provides further evidence that Chairman Nunes improperly disclosed classified information in discussing classified documents. It cites a report in Politico which states that Representative Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, was provided access by the White House to the same documents that were viewed earlier by Chairman Nunes. After viewing the documents, Schiff said that they were the same documents provided to Chairman Nunes, but “declined to weigh in on Nunes’ characterization of the materials” because the materials were classified.

Nunes’ claims that his public discussion of the classified documents did not involve classified information are therefore undermined.

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