CREW sent a letter to the White House again requesting financial disclosures for White House staffers including Daniel Scavino and Mira Ricardel, that they have so far failed to release.

On October 8, 2018, CREW requested financial disclosure reports for 138 White House officials under the Ethics in Government Act and the STOCK Act. In response, CREW received some, but not all of the requested reports. CREW sent a letter to Acting White House Counsel Emmet Flood on November 6, 2018 asking for the remaining forms that were requested.

The missing documents include all 138 periodic transaction reports or OGE Form 278-T (“PTRs”) for covered transactions, including stocks, bonds and other securities that CREW requested. In the unlikely event that the White House has received no PTRs from any of these 138 individuals, CREW asked that it be reflected in writing.

The White House also failed to provide CREW with new entrant reports for John Gidley, Steven Groves, Shahira Knight, Mira Ricardel, and Daniel Scavino as well as annual reports (OGE Form 278e) for Ryan Kaldahl and Andrew Koenig. These reports were due more than 90 days ago, so the White House should have them, and would required by law to release them immediately to CREW.

CREW requested that the White House provide the remaining reports no later than November 20, 2018 and if it fails to do so, will explore all available legal remedies.

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