January 6th, 2021 was a devastating day for our democracy.

The insurrection on January 6th wouldn’t have happened without one key player—Donald Trump. And it wouldn’t have happened without his repeated calls for violence that started years before, which created an increasingly dangerous feedback loop of violent rhetoric and violent action which exploded at the Capitol on January 6th.

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution bars those who engage in or incite insurrections from office after they swore an oath to the Constitution. Based on his role in recruiting, inciting and enabling a violent mob to attack the Capitol in order to overturn our election on January 6, 2021, Trump is clearly disqualified from office under the Constitution.

We break it down in the following video:

Photos of insurrection by Nate Gowdy and Proud Boys by Nathan Howard/Getty Images