Ron Bloom, the chair of the USPS Board of Governors—the body with the power to fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy—is up for reappointment. President Biden must replace him. 

Ron Bloom has defended DeJoy as he’s undermined public trust in the postal service. Bloom backed DeJoy even as he acted to apparently jeopardize the postal service’s plans to ensure that voting by mail would not be threatened during the pandemic. Since Bloom became the board’s chair, DeJoy has introduced a ten year plan to slow mail and increase prices and has come under federal investigation for an alleged straw donor scheme. The United States Postal Service also seriously mismanaged DeJoy’s conflicts of interest from the start, creating an exceedingly high risk of him violating criminal conflict of interest laws.

Despite these serious threats to the Postal Service and mail delivery, Bloom did nothing to intervene and publicly supported DeJoy’s plan. 

Ron Bloom also has his own conflicts of interest—DeJoy reportedly bought $305,000 in bonds from Bloom’s investment firm.

The chair of the USPS Board of Governors is meant to make decisions that will protect the postal service and help it to best serve the American people. Ron Bloom has not done this. To protect the USPS, Biden must replace Ron Bloom, and the USPS Board of Governors must fire Louis DeJoy.