Otero County Commissioner and Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin is an insurrectionist and must be removed from office. A judge in New Mexico recently ruled in a case that CREW brought on behalf of three New Mexico residents that Griffin’s participation in the insurrection means he violated the constitutional oath he took upon taking office. Griffin mobilized, incited and then joined a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol to stop the constitutionally-mandated certification of the 2020 presidential election. This attack disrupted the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in American history. 

At trial in August, CREW and our co-counsels presented reams of evidence of Griffin’s mobilization, incitement and participation in the insurrection, including numerous photos and videos of his actions and speeches on January 6 and the weeks surrounding it.

Ahead of January 6, Griffin participated in multiple stops of the Women for American First bus tour—a weeks-long, 20-city tour that advanced lies about the election and whipped up attendance for the January 6th rally. The tour was organized by the same group that obtained the permit for the rally where Trump told the attendees to march to the Capitol.